The affordable Horsescanner

A patented solution for examinations without anesthesia

Computed tomography for Horses

In collaboration with veterinarians, we developed a CT, which allows examinations without unnecessary risks of anesthesia, a sedation of the horses is completely sufficient.

With our pit scanner, the CT scanner changes its height to allow sedated horses to be examined in a standing position.

Horsescanner without pit

With our first development version without a pit, you can perform head examinations with sedated horses, while leg examinations must be performed with anesthesia.


All members of our team are qualified service technicians, specialized in computer-assisted tomography. Our long-term former employment at Philips Medizin Systeme has provided us all with comprehensive experience and profound know-how in the repair, maintenance and installation of CT scanners.

Our company the Haufe CT-Service GmbH exists already for over 10 years. Visit our website!

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